Project | 01

Personal Branding & Selling skills workshop organized by Aangan Group

Majority of business fail not because of lack of market but because of lack of  capturing right market at right time.


Glimpse of one such training session conducted for Aangan group                                             who are a boutique real estate Company with unique nature preserving                                   style and total passion for connecting people with property and nature.

Project | 02

Time Management

"Time is what we want most , but what we use worst" - William Penn

Glimpse of "Time Prioritizing Training" which highlights simple and effective ways to identify Time Wasters & Time Savers .


Project | 03

Leadership Essentials

Project | 03

Leadership and management skills are essential for individual's professional development and the overall success of an organisation. Not every Leader is an Entrepreneur, however every Entrepreneur is definitely a good Leader.

Conducted a workshop on "Leadership Essentials" at Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology as a part of Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp

Project | 04

Effective Speaking Skills

There is one most important skill which can change the life of any individual , the skill which can be developed,the skill which can be polished is the skill of Public Speaking 
Power of Effective Opening and Closing in Public Speaking. Techniques to draft the right content for speaking. How the power of voice can make or break the speech. Magic tools to enhance the quality of speech. Making interactive presentation and engaging audience

Project | 05

Hosting an event for NGO – “Youth Foundation"

No words can define the joy you get by giving back to the community – be it money or time.

Volunteering in all shapes and forms strengthens our community, brings people together and provides us with valuable experience and insight.

Project | 06

Behavioral Skills Training -Narsi 

The workers/ Blue collared employees are the the people who work in non air conditioned environment to give us  the facilities which we enjoy in air conditioned environment. They are the people who receives less attention but deserves high level of attention and motivation in their life.  

Conducted Motivational and Behavioral Skills Workshop at various organization to uplift the life style of their workers

Project | 07

Enhancing Employee Efficiency

“Success in business is all about people, people and people. Whatever industry a company is in, its employees are its biggest competitive advantage” – Sir Richard Branson

Enhancing Employee Efficiency stimulates the skill set & mind set of employees and in turn increases organizational productivity. 

Project | 08

Do Entrepreneurs have a different DNA than most people

The inclination or desire to start a business of one's own certainly seems to be inherent in some people much more than others. This desire, this passion is  necessary. However for being successful Entrepreneur , its essential that your passion is your Sweet Spot

The budding entrepreneurs of SCET college were guided on this journey of Entrepreneurship

Project | 09

Life Skills Training-Patel Kenwood Pvt Ltd

PKPL, Constituted in 2005, is a reputed manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler/distributor, supplier and trader, of products that includes Particle Board, Melamine Particle Board, Plain & Pre-lam Particle Boards (Melamine Boards). Their exclusive range of products are available in a variety of shades, thicknesses, and size, thus conforming to expectations set forth by our customers.

Project | 10

Motivational Training-Suje Tex Pvt Ltd

Attitude towards self, life &  others. To live the life to its full potential,thoughts play a vital role in each one's life. The participants learnt how to love their work bring value to the work and to the organization as a whole

Behaviour is inside out. The way you behave, the way you take leadership defines the journey.

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